Favorite Podcasts

I've become an avid listener of podcasts! Luckily for me podcasts really took off around the time Van was born, and I had so many to choose from when I was nursing him for hours on end. Now that he's older, I'll often pop a podcast on while I'm cooking dinner or while he's playing independently during the afternoons. 

I always love reading about new podcasts, so I thought I'd share my favorites.

Happenings 8.6.17

Happenings 8.6.17

*written while sitting in Peets, coincidentally while reading my friend Heidi's happenings post.

DOING: Sitting in Peets trying to get a myriad of things done for Popbasic's relaunch. I forgot just how much went into our launches, phew. I have an almond chai latte next to me and a shiny new Macbook on my lap, so we're good to go!