Reminiscing and an update

I just received an update from my manufacturer letting me know that our new clothing labels are ready, which means we’ll have two new pieces in the shop very soon. For some reason it made me nostalgic for our first ‘micro collection’ that we launched back in 2013. I sat on the floor surrounded by mailers and clothes packing until early in the morning. I remember walking down this street in the postcard holding boxes of your orders ready for USPS. I feel excited for this new iteration of Popbasic. It’s smaller but it suits where I’m at in life right now. 

To be honest I was really hard on myself for a very long time after I had Van. I had moved to the US with the intention of creating a big business. Not Facebook huge by any means, but Popbasic was not a hobby or a side hustle. We worked tirelessly for years, and due to circumstances that I haven't ever elaborated on (maybe I will one day), I was not able to continue working on Popbasic when I fell pregnant with Van. Not being able to continue working on a profitable business that was finally thriving hurt my self esteem and I was harsher on myself than I needed to be. I felt like I'd never get that part of me back and it was scary. If I only I had lowered my expectations and realized that one day I would be able to work on Popbasic again. One day Van would be at preschool for a few hours a day and I would be sitting in a cafe sorting through a new capsule release for Popbasic. That day is now, and I'm so happy to have found that balance. Most of all I'm so happy to be back amongst our community. Maddy x

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