Motherhood and business

    I'm the kind of person that tends to throw myself into one thing, and focus on that to the detriment of everything else. Balance is not really my strong point. So when I found out I was pregnant, coupled with the unfortunate business failings that I had just gone through (literally three days before I found out I was pregnant), I took it as a sign to step back for a bit, and focus on my baby.

    I'm very thankful and fortunate that I was able to do that. Having an extremely supportive partner throughout all of this has been the reason that I was able to do that, and the reason I'm able to continue with Popbasic now.

    Now that Van is two (when did that happen?), I feel that it is the right time to step back into Popbasic and give it another shot. I'm so grateful that I still have such a lovely community cheering me on from the sidelines! Though it has meant figuring out how to achieve more of a balance. Obviously this time I can't throw myself into my business like I did before. I still have to focus on Van. He is my number one priority.

    Having this priority that can't shift has actually been a blessing, and now I understand why mothers are so efficient and get things done. They have no other choice! This has led me to look at my business in a more efficient way. I've been forced to restructure it in a way that enables it to run smoother. I'll no longer do the shipping after the first quarter of next year; we won't be creating our own software (it's now on Shopify) and I will be focussing my efforts with one manufacturer and dropping accessories all together. This will ensure that we create the highest quality pieces for you.

    I really like that motherhood has enabled me to have more clarity with my business and life in general. In hindsight, I had way too much time on my hands before, and too many choices. Now I only have a few hours a day (if that) to get everything done. No more 12 hour days at my disposal. 

    How has motherhood changed the way you approach your business, job or life in general?

    Maddy x

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