Happenings 8.6.17

*written while sitting in Peets, coincidentally while reading my friend Heidi's happenings post.

DOING: Sitting in Peets trying to get a myriad of things done for Popbasic's relaunch. I forgot just how much went into our launches, phew. I have an almond chai latte next to me and a shiny new Macbook on my lap, so we're good to go!

HEARING: Coffee orders being called out over the sound of the Munchin' with Moguls podcast. If you haven't listened to it, I urge you to do so. My favorite so far has been Hailey's. She packed up her little family and is currently living and working as they venture throughout Europe. They're currently in Iceland, and it's kinda making me want to go next year.

LOOKING: Forward to Coen's little brother visiting us in October. Van absolutely adores him and I think he's going to have a blast here. October is my favorite time of year in the US. Americans really know how to celebrate a holiday, and Halloween is celebrated from the start of September it feels like.

DRINKING: An almond chai latte. I have far too many of them each week, but it's better for me than drinking coffee. Even decaf gives me the jitters, so I grab chai instead. We recently spent a month in Australia and I really enjoyed having chai made with tea leaves instead of syrup. A low sugar/tea leaf chai in the US is hard to come by. 

WANTING: A couch! Can you believe that we've been in the US for almost five years now and we're yet to buy ourselves a real couch? We've been getting by with a $80 IKEA couch, that we barely use. But a bonafide comfy couch would be really appreciated right now. I'd love one to lounge on and watch a movie or two with Van on rainy days. Right now we don't have our TV setup, but now that he's getting closer to two I don't mind letting him have a small amount of screen time each month.

EATING & COOKING: I haven't publicly spoken about this, because it's been such a struggle for me, but I've been following a keto 'diet' since the end of April and I've lost 15 pounds. This is such a relief as I've found it close to impossible to lose the baby weight. Nursing doesn't always encourage weight loss, in fact it can keep the weight on, no one ever told me that! Keto has been great for me, and it has really helped to curb my sugar cravings. I enjoy a lot of vegetables, eggs, cheese, and good protein like chicken, bolognese with zoodles and these super yummy chicken, lime and chili burgers from Trader Joe's. 

DECIDING: On where to live, and which preschool (what?!) to send Van to. Lots of huge decisions to make and I'm finding myself in analysis paralysis territory. Too many choices is such a nice thing to have, but since having Van I've found it harder to make huge changes that will impact him.

ENJOYING: Coen being back from Las Vegas. He was gone for a week for a road trip and hacker's conference and I was dealing with a jet lagged toddler on my lonesome. It was rough at times, but we got ourselves into a nice rythum each day and spent a lot of time with friends and at the library. Now that Coen's back we're trying to fit in as much Summer celebration as we can with county fairs, trips to In-N-Out and maybe even Van's first camping trip over Labor Day weekend.

WATCHING: While Coen was away I finished Gypsy on Netflix. It's a little intense but I got sucked in by Naomi Watts' wardrobe. Shallow I know, but I do run a fashion company. Coen and I are halfway through The Founder on Netflix at the moment, which is about McDonald's. Did anyone else want to run to In-N-Out while watching this, or was it just me? 

READING: You're a Badass and You're a Badass at Making Money. Kind of cringeworthy to admit to reading these, but that's the whole point. I'm in the process of changing the way I think about money and my own value. If I can't even admit to reading these books, then nothing will really change. I'm also making my way though The Happiest Toddler on the Block, and hoping that it really will tell me how to converse with my toddler so that I can help him through his meltdowns more smoothly. Has anyone else had success with this book? I'm going to read No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury next, I've heard good things about this book and I already really enjoy her podcasts. Van has been enjoying Mem Fox's I'm Australian Too and also Grug, which was one of my favorite books growing up.

WEARING: Black jeans, and dark chambray tops. Basically the California mum uniform. 

BUYING: Plants, lots and lots of houseplants. I'm determined to keep them alive!

PLANNING: Our relaunch. Popbasic 2.0 here we come.

LOVING: Writing this post. It's been a long time since I've sat down and done something so therapeutic and I'm so glad that I decided to do this on a whim. Are you enjoying my word dribble? Comment with this emoji if you are 🙋

SAVOURING: Alone time. As guilty as I feel saying that I do enjoy having an hour or two to myself each week. It helps with my anxiety and then I can be a better mum to Van.

PLAYING: At our local playground again. We were in Australia for a while, and Van was sick for a few weeks before our trip, so he had missed out on playing with his little buddies for a few months and now that we're back it feels great. His climbing skills have greatly improved in those few months so now he's able to enjoy it so much more.

FEELING: Pretty lucky to have the opportunity to relaunch Popbasic. I went through a lot when I put Popbasic on the backburner in 2015 (perhaps I'll write more about that in the future?), and now I feel ready to start again, to make it better and to jump back into this community that I love so much. If you're still here, thank you, I never stopped thinking about our Popsters and I know we'll be here for the long haul this time round.

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  • Yikes! Maddy. Should I be the first to comment? Keeping it brief; Yay! and Yay! So happy Popbasic is relaunching. I Have missed being a part of your exciting, customer focused adventures.
    Next, your honesty is so refreshing and everyone battles demons, -self included. So, remember not to be hard on yourself :)
    Next, Van strikes me already, as the happiest Toddler Alive. In a way, how can he not? The boy has super devoted parents and a mother who will go to the ends of the earth to provide the best possible parenting that she can. This is balanced perfectly by Coen’s free and easy manner. lucky kid!
    Next, Coen’s little brother and Van are going to have a ball -look out, I see trouble ahead from these two larrikins! I am a little jealous of his time to be spent with Van, however, i get such a lot of enjoyment from hearing, seeing and reading all about what’s happening.
    p.s this is the best font ever! What is it?
    Onwards and Upwards Popbasic!

    coralea mackison

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