Favorite Podcasts

I've become an avid listener of podcasts! Luckily for me podcasts really took off around the time Van was born, and I had so many to choose from when I was nursing him for hours on end. Now that he's older, I'll often pop a podcast on while I'm cooking dinner or while he's playing independently during the afternoons. 

I always love reading about new podcasts, so I thought I'd share my favorites.

1. Janet Lansbury. If you're not a parent, this may not be very interesting to you. But I love her advice on how to parent in an unruffled way. Battling meltdowns and other toddler mishaps have become a lot easier after listening to her advice. 

2. The Daily. This is a shorter podcast produced by The New York Times. It's a roundup of the daily news. I like this podcast for a quick update on what's happening around the world, and for a more in depth look at issues. I don't often have time to read a lot of long form articles, so this is a great way to make sure that I get out of my mommy/Popbasic bubble each day 😉

3. Munchin with Moguls. This is a great podcast for business owners. It's a longer podcast, but I love listening to this when I need inspiration and ideas for Popbasic. The host always finds super interesting women to speak with, and I've come away listening from each podcast with a fresh outlook on my business.

4. Mom and Dad Made a Podcast. This is a super cute podcast created by Hailey from Household Mag. Hailey and her husband created this podcast to discuss their parenthood/life journey. Listen in for a real look at parenthood and for travel inspiration. 

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