A letter to our Popsters

Hello Popsters, long time no chat to say the very least! Where have I been you may ask? Well, to put it simply I have been looking after my baby Van for the last year and a half, and it’s been wonderful and tiring, and hasn’t left much time for tending to my first baby, Popbasic.

Since things are finally starting to settle down and Van is very slowly gaining some independence (he’s one, so he’s still very much dependent on me!) I’ve decided that it’s time to get back to what I love, and that’s this community. I hesitate to call Popbasic a company, because although it is, I believe that what made it special, and what will continue to make it special is this community.

You have supported me through all of our ups and downs, and during this much needed break. Although it has seemed like a very long time, I know that when I look back I will be happy that I devoted my baby’s first few years to him.

To be honest, and I always have been with you, it was too much trying to keep up with everything on top of becoming a first time mother away from my family. Something had to rest for a while, and painfully I decided to put Popbasic on the shelf.

Going forward I want to bring Popbasic back to its roots. At the heart of everything, Popbasic is simple. Our clothes are meant to be effortless and make things easier for you. I felt that our pieces had begun to deviate from this and so too had the backend of our company.

So that brings me to changes that I’ve made in order to bring this baby back to life.

-I’ve moved over to Shopify. This enables me to run the backend as well, and ensure that I’m not dependent on Coen for technical issues.

-We’ve streamlined our pieces and will no longer be doing monthly micro collections. While many of you loved this, I never felt that every piece was able to meet our standards. Especially our accessories. You’ll no longer see jewelry accessories available from us, although I will be styling Popbasic amongst accessories from brands that I love.

-I’ll be using a third party shipping company. While staying up until 3am on launch days shipping was possible pre-baby, that’s definitely not a possibility now. This will make sure that all of your orders get out to you quick smart.

-We’ve spent a lot of time with our manufacturer searching for new and improved fabrics. As a mother it has become so important to me that my clothing and everything that I bring into my household is organic and as free from nasty chemicals as possible. This is of course carrying over to the pieces I create for Popbasic too. I'm the proudest of this change in particular. I think that you will all be stunned by how soft our Le Breton 2.0 is! Seriously, it's crazy soft!

That's all for the moment, if you managed to finish this post thank you and I can't wait to jump right back in to life at Popbasic.

Maddy x

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  • Excited to see you come back! I am a little bummed there won’t be jewelry. The two tone necklace that I got in one of the collections is one of my favorite pieces. You sent me a replacement when my first one broke, and the second one broke recently. I totally understand, just know that I did love that piece so very much :)

    Jennifer Bryant Robbins

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